Brent Holl

Brent Holl is a professional folk singer and church musician active with Children's Church and folk music for kids. His music reflects the Brethren/Mennonite tradition of hymns and hymn singing. He plays 12 string guitar, 6 string guitar, bass, percussion, bodhran, and whistle. 

Brent owns Beatin’ Path Publications LLC and Shen Fine Music, a publishing house dedicated to the development of high-quality music resources for classroom music teachers in the design of Orff Schulwerk. Shen Fine Music offers music to support Beatin’ Path Publications as well as recordings of excellent folk music from the contemporary Irish band, Shen Fine; Phyllis Gaskins on Galax dulcimer; and the Highlander String Band.

Brent Holl is also a professional folk singer, former member of the band Shen Fine, and now plays guitar and sings with the Highlander String Band. He and fellow band member, Phyllis Gaskins, collaborated on Phyllis’s beautiful dulcimer book, Galax Dulcimer - A Job of Journey Work, in 2012. In the process, Phyllis discovered Brent’s interest in old-time music and invited him to play with the Highlanders. 

Brent is a retired middle school music teacher living in Bridgewater, Virginia. He is a music publisher, consultant, and clinician for music festivals, music classrooms, and folks that teach in the model of Orff-Schulwerk.